We also offer recording services for small-to-medium sized projects, recording at a location of your choice. Interested? Read the process below and contact us.

"What I love about the single is that you can hear the places we recorded it in, the creaking of the old piano and the natural reverb from the church that was used to record the single’s bonus track. I appreciate Sam's approach to producing a track because he tries to keep the sound pure and honest to its original form.

As a musician who is largely self taught, Sam’s knowledge of music theory helped to make the recording process less daunting and also meant that fresh ideas could be introduced to the song. The song went to #6 on the NZ iTunes charts which would not have been possible without Sam. His services are affordable, friendly and highly recommended by myself."

- Ben aka "Paint The Sand"

"I have had the opportunity to work with Sam Tanner on many occasions and I can confidently recommend his production work and skill to anybody.

Not only can Sam produce quality mastered radio tracks but he can also help you write them. His understanding of both music and sound engineering has come into play many a time during the writing, recording and post-production process. His casual but professional attitude towards songwriting and production makes him easy to work with, add in his years of experience in the music industry and his creative mind and you're onto a winner."

- Tom Hollow

Recording - The Process

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Step 1) Contact me via the "Contact" page, and give me a few sentences about what you would like to record. We will discuss your requirements and ideas (either via email or meeting in person), and arrange a location and date for recording.

Step 2) We record all the material at a suitable location, doing a rough mix as we go.

Step 3) Later, the recording is mixed and mastered, and exported in a variety of formats (for CD, free downloads, iTunes store etc).

Step 4) Payment is made, and the files are sent. You now have a professional quality recording!

My rate is $50 per hour for all services. This makes it possible for you to make a recording of studio quality at a much cheaper rate than a commercial studio, while enabling Lily and I to continue to provide this support to local and underground talent. We look forward to working with you!