Overexposing Portra 800

Being in a small town means a lot of what I learn about film photography comes either from trial-and-error or the internet, so I end up trying different films and various experiments to see how I like the results for myself. I’d read online that Portra 800 is able to be overexposed a lot, increasing saturation but maintaining great skin tones, so I set out to try it. I snagged a box of the stuff in 120 from The Black and White Box to take on our summer camping holiday in Kaiteriteri, and here are the results!

Technical Notes

I metered at 200 ISO (rather than the film’s “box speed” of 800 ISO) for the shadows with my handheld Sekonic incident light meter - i.e. if there was harsh sun I would shade my meter, so no sun was falling directly on it, and take my reading there.

I really like how they all came out and I will definitely be doing this again in the future, especially when I have plenty of light available to allow me to overexpose.

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Hasselblad 500cm // Portra 800 // dev+scan by The Black and White Box