South Island, Winter 2018

Our second annual winter holiday to visit the Waru's in Invercargill was just as cold as expected! We had a great time catching up, visiting the snow for a day/night in Queenstown, drinking good coffee, eating great food and just general antics.


in the bag:

  • Minolta XE-7 with 50mm f/1.4
  • Olympus 35 RD
  • Mamiya 645 Super
  • Sekonic light meter
  • Portra 400 (35mm and 120)
  • Japan Camera Hunter Streetpan 400
  • Expired Ilford FP4+
  • Beanies to protect both the cameras and my shaved head

Normally I would only pack one 35mm camera and one medium format camera but I had recently been given the Olympus, had it serviced and new light seals, and I wanted to see how comfortable I would be shooting a rangefinder. I had a great time shooting it for about half a roll - more on that later.

The trusty Minolta with 50mm lens is my constant companion which I shoot most of my work on, and as a medium format option the Mamiya 645 is just that much more portable and quicker to shoot with than the mighty RB67.

Here, at the amazing Bespoke Kitchen in Queenstown, ends this 35mm roll from my Minolta XE-7. I loaded the next roll into the Olympus 35 RD, unfortunately while shooting the roll it took a serious tumble when the strap broke, jammed up and put a massive light leak across the entire exposed part of the roll. In some cases these leaks made for cool shots! Excuse me for a minute while I wipe my tears for the Olympus.

After picking up the shattered pieces of my camera and emotions, I rewound the roll and chucked it the Minolta for the next leg of the journey - back to Wellington with the Waru's in tow.