Nepal/Singapore 2016: Retrospective

It was my first experience of shooting on film in 2016 that made me fall in love with photography. Lately I've been going over old photos from this time period to see what I was drawn to with my camera, before outside influences started changing my ideas about taking photos. These images remind me of that puristic, curious approach to photography that I hope I never lose.

Before this trip to Nepal I was gifted an old 1970's Minolta SLR which I blindly took as my only camera (no test rolls - in hindsight not the greatest idea)! Having no instant feedback on the images I was taking was freeing. Months later I finally got the rolls developed and all the precious moments came flooding back in all their grainy, natural, vibrant glory. Since then I've been hooked, taking every opportunity to capture life as it happens around me, telling stories as I see them unfolding.

Get in touch if you would like me to capture something for you too.


On this trip I worked alongside our friends at Compassion Nepal who work with a number of communities across Nepal to help give access to education, shelter, and food to people in need.

Click any photo to open the full-res slideshow // Shot with Fujifilm Superia 400 // Minolta XE-1 with 50mm 1.4 lens


After leaving Nepal I had a stopover in Singapore for a long overdue visit to my Singapore-Chinese side of the family - Grand Uncle Eddie, Pohtai (Great Grandmother) and Grand Aunty Linda and Grand Uncle Dan. By this stage I was missing my little family pretty bad but had a great time of much needed rest, catching up with family and friends and hopping around Singapore with my GALinda and GUnkaDan.